My name is Marcus Ferrell and I am running for Arizona State House District 24 (South Scottsdale all the way over to West Phoenix) to provide progressive, inclusive representation for this district. I want you to be among the first to know, and I'd like you on my team!

I was raised by a single mother and I grew up in my granddaddy's Soul food restaurant in the deep south. He gave more food away to poor people than he sold. My granddaddy taught me how to care about the less fortunate.

I am, a husband, a dog owner, helpful neighbor and a veteran. My activism has spanned work as a National Black outreach organizer, a Diversity and Inclusion consultant, and always at the heart of it all, a community organizer. I have done work to build community and fight injustice around the country. I have seen the impact of politics on people’s daily lives. I have listened to the stories of people who do not feel heard in the political process, and it has made me realize the most important work and the most important fight has to first happen at home.

As District 24's next representative, I will fight for statewide universal healthcare, free public college and trade school for high school graduates, protection of the environment, and a living wage. I will fight Trump on a local level by fighting for Women, People of color, LGBTQIA community, and the Disability community every day. I am going to the Capital to fight For the People.

A great woman once said "I am offended by poverty" and I feel the same, so I plan on combating it every day as a State Representative. We also must protect working families and create jobs that pay enough to keep families financially safe and secure. We must help build wealth for families in the district. We must invest in education making public school teacher's starting base pay $40,000 a year here in Arizona.

I ask for your support, prayers, and positive thoughts, as we set out to change Arizona for the better.

Thank you,

Marcus Ferrell

Democratic Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives, District 24

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